Our Mission|活動目的

Our Mission






”Authentic English language education for all primary school children”

One in seven children in Japan now lives in poverty, and the impact of poverty on learning is most apparent in English. It finally became a subject in primary schools after years of deliberation by the government in 2020. The children have just got at the starting line. It’s only for 5th and 6th grade students and 72 units (54 hours) in a year. It takes time to master it. There’s already a big gap in their skills and achievements between children from families which have known the importance of the language with financial means to let them have extra lesson after school and ones from poor families. The problem is English is an essential subject to learn for children living in the globalized society. 

What English language education aims is not only about language skill, but also aims about understanding international affairs, valuing diversity, building a sustainable world and playing an important role in creating a pathway to peace. It is a matter of great concern that disparities are being created in the subject that is such a key part of the modern society. We established Children’s English Centre to address the urgent need to ensure that as many primary school children as possible receive an authentic and effective English language education as soon as possible.

The CEC is a voluntary organisation working to provide a fair and authentic English language education for all primary school children through power and efforts of citizens.